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First signs of a mice infestation other than sightings of the rodent by your self can consist of:


Best described to look like little black/brown pieces of rice with one mouse leaving up to 80 droppings per night scattered randomly.

Smearing (smear marks)

Like rats, mice also leave smear marks against walls, surfaces and gaps(below doors/into wall voids etc) when they use the same route often as the grease and dirt from their bodies leaves a distinct mark.

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Smells & Noises

Often with heavy infestations the smell of mice urine and the sound of light scratching in evenings between wall/flooring voids or basement/loft areas can be heard.

Mouse FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How do GOLD pest control eradicate a mouse problem without using toxic chemicals?

At GOLD pest control we spend our time doing the things that really make a difference, such as proofing. We block all visible holes and gaps that may be allowing the rodents easy access. By using the right materials you can deny the rodents future access. Where the mice are inside the house we use snap traps and peanut butter to remove the infestation, without poisons being needed or used.

How do you eradicate a Moth (textile pest) problem without using toxic chemicals?

At GOLD pest control we treat textile pest problems using completely non-toxic solutions – by using a deep vacuum, dry steam at 180 degrees, plant based products and non-toxic powders. You are not required to leave the house throughout the duration of this treatment.

How do you control rats without poisons?

Rats are always linked to drainage and it is very important to find the route cause of an infestation as opposed to only temporarily fixing the problem. We look in depth at the drain system for damage or missing non return valves. Concentrate on proofing deep cleans and good house keeping. These things together will tackle any rat infestation. If rats are present in the effected area we will conduct trapping riddance programme to knock down the population before proofing is carried out.

How do you get rid of bed bugs?

Same solutions as eradicating a moth (textile pest) problem; using non-toxic solutions.


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