The GOLD Pest Control Story

My name is Oliver and I am the proud owner of GOLD Pest Control. 

How did the GOLD Pest Control journey start?

Central to my beliefs and something I always looked for before embarking upon my own business venture was to be an honest face behind a company.

Pest control and management has played a big part in my career journey; I previously worked for a very successful pest control firm and did very well within the company. Unfortunately, after over 5 years of commitment to the company I was diagnosed with an incurable cancer.

Since this diagnosis I have researched tirelessly into the possible causes and a common theme and understanding is the use of chemicals. Toxic chemicals surround us and are shockingly used more than what I had initially anticipated. The unnecessary use of many chemicals in my line of work may have been the culprit to my incurable disease.

It was here that my interest peaked and I wished to take the future of pest control further – the non toxic route was a no brainer for me. I have invested so much time and effort behind my non toxic venture for GOLD Pest Control. I aim to reduce and hopefully eliminate all use of toxic chemicals to protect my customers, my team and our environment.

As part of our commitment to the environment, we conduct regular litter picking initiatives at locations that are nominated by the general public via our social media platforms. Get online to see if we’ve been in an area local to you – and if not, get nominating for our future team events.

I am extremely proud to say that GOLD Pest Control is on the road to become one of the only complete non-toxic pest control company in the world.


Oliver Famili,

CEO of GOLD Pest Control.

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